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Latest News, Summer 2023

The solar panel market has witnessed a shift away from rooftop installations due to various factors. One critical concern is the limitation imposed during firefighting situations, where local firefighters may encounter high voltage DC directly at the individual solar panels. Additionally, the mounting of solar panels directly on rooftops hinders firefighting efforts, particularly during daylight hours when the panels are actively generating power from sunlight. This hazard originates from the nature of photovoltaic panels, as they generate electricity when exposed to the sun. It is widely recognized that the rapid shutdown equipment and safety shutdown measures mandated by the National Electric Code (NEC) are only triggered after the solar panels, before reaching the inverter. Consequently, ground-mounted solar installations have emerged as the sole safe method for establishing a Solar Renewable Energy Facility, ensuring the highest level of safety for both firefighters and the surrounding environment.

Solarskid Energy

R.A. Thomas Electric manufactures scalable, ground-mounted solar arrays. The rugged rack structure conceals inverters and systems. Each rack has seven panels forming arrays with individual inverters. The PV system scales up to ten racks, with a total inverter output of over 100 amps. The truss design enables easy crane lifting and transportation. The compact rack array measures 24 x 5.6-foot.

These pre-assembled arrays can quick deployment of a Renewable Energy Facility (REF).


R.A. Thomas Electric builds experimental solar racks. “it takes approximately 40 man hours assemble an pre-manufactured array”,  says Russell Thomas, Qualifier and owner .  (


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