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Latest News, Summer 2022

Solar Renewable Energy Research conducted by RA Thomas Electric developed a rugged steel rack supporting system for photovoltaic solar panels. Our racking system is standardized to allow quick deployment and installation of a micro solar Renewable Energy Facility (REF).


and placement in multiple scenarios. From emergency services, to farm, forest, and fire Our racking system is a standardized inverter


Using a tractor, we drag solar skids into a forest clearing or drag them to the edges of a field. R.A. Thomas Electric upgrades mining-grade skids for dragging along harsher terrain. Our team builds a rugged solar panel mounting system. We welded and bolt-mounted the solar frame to a skid. Correspondingly, the structure is transported on a 40×10 wheeled trailer is compliant with North Carolina Department of Transportation. Furthermore, the system is left on flat areas where the structure itself forms the electrical ground. Additionally, the system is elevated onto structural walls/posts/columns rated appropriately for the wind location.

Surprisingly, the skids are elevated via a crane onto lifted solar module rack structures. Additionally, for every 8 “slave” rack, a “mother” solar rack comes with its own electric inverter, circuit box, and transformer. We built the system to last. Another key point relates to the angle of the racking system. The angle, set at 33 degrees, provides 32 sq inches of grounding surface per rack. Read more about our solar electrical installation, repair, and maintenance services here.


Our electrical solar work, covers Asheville and greater Buncombe County. We integrate and build photovoltaic and thermal solar installations. Check out more here. Contact Buncombe County Electricians today, and save with R.A. Thomas Electric electrical services for homes, farms, factories, offices, government buildings, warehouses, and retail. Accordingly, please call for more information about Solar Renewable Energy Research. Interested in federal solar research and development grants? Click here.



R.A. Thomas Electric builds experimental solar racks. “I will have build one every 60 days by the time we are finished. I have bought enough steel to make our plans come true.”, says Russell Thomas. In addition, the solar array facilitates is part of the development of Reems Creek Farms (

40″ wide vertical panel placement for a total of seven panels per skid on the basis of a 24 x 5.6-footprint. We build new modular frames for farms and commercial property.

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