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Latest News, Fall 2022

R.A. Thomas Electric manufactures a preassembled free-standing/ground-mounted style assembled solar array refer. This system is designed for scalability to create a substantial Renewable Energy Facility.  Our team builds a rugged modelized mounting rack structure with access doors concealing inverters and other systems.  The rack assembly is made up of seven individual panels tied together to create arrays with each array having its own grid tied individual (SMA 3 kwh) inverter. The overall PV system is scalable up to ten (10) pre-manufactured racks/array with a combined rating the total of the 10 inverter output of over 100 amps at 240/120/1 phase.   Additionally, due to the truss style design of the rack system it can easily be crane lifted or transported to its final placement. Rack array contained within a 24 x 5.6-foot.

These pre-assembled arrays can quick deployment of a Renewable Energy Facility (REF).

The Market has moved away rooftop mounting of solar panels. The restriction of water during an active Fire. Local Firefighters in an effort to extinguish the structure,fire may encounter high voltage DC directly at the individual solar panel. Along with an inability to reach  the fire due to the solar panels mounted directly on the roof especially during daylight hours.  This hazard comes from the Sun, and science of Photovoltaic panels which once in the sunlight the panel will generate power This is the most understood fact of solar is Rapid shutdown equipment / safety shutdown equipment measures mandated by National Electric Code (NEC)  do not occur until are after the solar panel’ at before the INVERTER. Ground mounted solar is the only safe way to install Solar Renewable Energy Facility.


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We integrate and build photovoltaic and thermal solar installations.  Contact R.A. Thomas Electric for any of your electrical services or other questions for homes, farms, factories, offices, government buildings, warehouses, and retail.



R.A. Thomas Electric builds experimental solar racks. “it takes approximately 40 man hours assemble an pre-manufactured array”,  says Russell Thomas, Qualifier and owner .  (


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